Michael Streilein Owner

Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO

I started Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO after working at a larger print and digital marketing company. After working there from 2012 - 2016, my experiences lead me to one conclusion - in the digital marketing world, businesses need advisors, consultants, and digital marketers all rolled into one.

Without active guidance on how to best use the digital marketing services provided, business owners would often be underwhelmed by the results.

That's why Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO was formed - so you have the option of an affordable and effective digital marketing and SEO agency you can trust.

No Fixed-Term Contracts Just Evergreen Terms

Part of developing our agency's offerings was to figure out that there is no room for fixed-term contracts in the digital marketing world. With the exception of amortizing the cost of a website, our clients need only to provide us with 30 days' notice to cancel.

We did this because many of our clients are in industries that are seasonal, so they need a trusted provider to whom they can turn during the times when their revenues are up.