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Hi, Calgary I'm Michael Streilein, found of Blueprint Digital Marketing. My team and I are ready to work tirelessly to help you grow your business in a consistent and sustainable manner. We believe by keeping our digital marketing and SEO services contract-free, continuously sharpening our skills, and trying new things, that we can help you dominate your industry and market. Our goal is to be Calgary's most cost-effective digital marketing agency.

What Is A Digital Marketing Company And What Makes Us Different

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we are experts in helping businesses grow using the internet or digital mediums. We have helped dozens of businesses since 2016 with search engine optimization (SEO), website design and development, social media management, lead generation management, content marketing, and digital marketing advice. We like to think of ourselves not just as digital marketing experts, but also as guides to help our clients navigate a field of marketing that is always changing. This is why we choose to continuously train and update the knowledge of our employees, the competitive edge of a digital marketing agency, will always be knowledge and the ability to adapt to change quickly.

Website Design & Development

A professionally built website that is awesome on mobile and effective at turning visitors into leads. A great website is the first piece of any digital marketing strategy.

Google & Facebook Ad Management

Our actively managed lead generation programs are designed to get you more leads, while decreasing that cost per lead overtime.

Search Engine Optimization

Our Search engine optimization services (SEO) will help you grow your business by optimizing and ranking your website for keywords that represent your services. This will drive new leads and revenue to your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is an analytical process our digital marketing agency follows that is designed to help improve the performance of your paid ad campaigns. We analyze what isn’t working well, and continuously improve upon it, this might be changing your website, headlines, or even something as simple as rewriting your ads.

Content Marketing

Our team of professional copywriters will first research and then write compelling blog posts and articles about your business or industry. Then using press releases and other promotion tools, we will blast this content all over the internet, bringing in additional readers to your website.

Digital Marketing Advice

Sometimes you just need some advice about a marketing strategy, or you have no idea where to get started. We love helping small businesses take their first steps, as nothing makes us happier than helping businesses avoid spending money on strategies that are not appropriate for them. After all, everyone needs a little help and advice now and then.

We Love Learning And That’s How We Dominate

We have over 11 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, and over these 11 years, one lesson that has been hammered home to us is – those who fail to change will eventually fall behind. This is because search engines are always changing and improving their systems, so it falls on us to analyze and understand these changes. After all, Google, Yahoo, and Bing all like to keep their algorithm a secret, so by testing new theories can we come closer to cracking their code, and in doing so helping you dominate your industry.

Find out why we are Calgary's most affordable and efficient digital marketing agency.

Businesses Across Calgary, Canada And The USA Depend On Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Our digital marketing and SEO strategies can be used for almost any business. The key that allows us to deliver such great results is that we customize each strategy for each individual client. This has allowed us to build a strong base of clients that include: contractors, home builders, psychologists, tattoo shops, realtors, and more. Give us a call, and in less than an hour, you'll see why our clients stay with us.
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About Us

Meet Michael Streilein
Founder of Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO

I started Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO because I saw a need for an affordable, flexible and effective digital marketing agency to serve the businesses of Calgary. Every business needs access to digital marketing help and advice, so we strive to find affordable and effective strategies for all of our clients. We can do this because we can adapt our strategies to almost any industry or business, something that is only possible because we work with our clients. The more we can include our clients expertise in our stratigies, the more effective we can be for them.

Years Of Experience

We've been helping businesses with their digital marketing and SEO across Calgary and the rest of North America for over 10 years.

Experienced Staff & Connections

Many of our employees and connections in the digital marketing world have been helping businesses for well over 10 years. This makes them experts in the digital marketing world.

Digital Marketing Blueprints

We follow flexible digital marketing blueprints, that allow us to deliver exception results for almost any industry. The secret is to know what works, and to be constantly learning and adapting as the digital marketing world changes.

Website Design & Development

Learn More About How We Build Websites

Our websites are designed to turn visitors into leads – you’ll love how our high-performing websites help your business grow. Our designs are based on over 10 years of observation and analysis, and are constantly being updated to meet Google's changes. Further, we are always researching new ways to improve your website speed and usability.
Website Design & Development
Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation: Google & Ad Management

Learn More About How We Generate Leads For Our Clients

Lead Generation Services
Among the most effective forms of advertising are Google & Facebook ads. We continually improve the performance of our PPC campaigns so that we can lower the overall costs associated with each campaign and maximize your ROI. We can provide you with more qualified prospects for less than the cost of traditional marketing methods.

Search Engine Optimization

Learn More About How We Do SEO For Calgary Businesses

Search Engine Optimization Services
We base our SEO strategy on Google fundamentals: delivering an excellent user experience that people want to use. We use on-site technical components, including content creation, social media marketing, and link outreach, to help you be found by potential clients searching for you online. We help businesses in Calgary grow only through ethical SEO services, aka white-hat SEO
Search Engine Optimization Services
Conversion Rate Optimization Service
Conversion Rate Optimization

Learn How We Improve The Performance of Ad Campaigns

Conversion Rate Optimization Service
CRO is the discipline of increasing the percent of users who complete a desired task on a website. These actions range from adding to cart, subscribing, filling out an eform, or even calling. As we improve your conversion rate, the less expensive each new customer becomes.

Content Marketing

Learn More About Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a type of marketing where we generate more interest in your business through creative and valuable content. Most of the time, this content is blog posts, but we can also help you create and promote other types of content - vlogs, videos, press releases, and more.
Content Marketing Service
Digital Marketing Advice

Digital Marketing Advice

When Appropriate We Even Give Digital Marketing Advice

Digital Marketing Advice
Not every business is ready to retain us, so when appropriate we will try and provide advice. Our goal is to help you avoid hiring the wrong person or wasting money on a service that will not work for you yet.

Some Case Studies Of Our Satisifed Clients

Ram Paving Ltd
Ram Paving has been our client for over five years. In that time they have expanded operations from Calgary, into Winnipeg and Edmonton.
Supporting Wellness
In the course of a year, Supporting Wellness has grown, hired new therapists, expanded into Red Deer, and even achieved first-page rankings there in less than four months.
Rubberized Ltd
We have successfully helped Rubberized grow, taking them from a Calgary-only business, to a business that operates across all of Alberta.

How To Get Started Growing Your Business With Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO


Book Your Free Consultation

We start with a friendly conversation about what you’re looking for. It’s important for us to understand your business, target customer, and expectations for your marketing. During this conversation, we will identify which digital marketing services you need – website design, lead generation, or search engine optimization. Every business is different, for us to succeed we need to understand yours.

We Build A Custom Proposal

Based on our initial consultation, we put together a marketing program designed to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way possible. Before we can build you a proper proposal, we need to do an audit of your digital marketing presence and see how well you measure up against your competition. This will determine how much work we need to go to get you to rank well.

Retain Us To Manage Your Digital Marketing & SEO

We begin executing your marketing strategy once you approve our proposal. During your onboarding we will outline the next milestones and timelines – you’ll always know what’s happening and when. Remember each digital marketing blueprint is customized to your needs, so we can help you succeed.

Ready To Grow?
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We Are More Than Just Your Digital Marketing Agency

Why Our Customers Stay With Us

Digital Marketing Checklist

We Go Above And Beyond

The world is becoming an increasingly complex place, with new technology changing the way we do business, advertising, and marketing. We don't believe that our job is solely to manage your digital marketing and SEO, we are also here to help you understand new technology. If it is within our expertise to help, we will find time to give our clients advice.

Why We Are The Best :

We avoid fixed-term contracts, so we can provide flexibility to our customers.
As the digital marketing world changes, we continue to learn, and adapt.
We provide reporting and insight, so you can understand why we do what we do.
We have been helping businesses across Calgary, Canada, and the USA grow for over 11 years.

Think Outside The Box

In order to dominate, we choose to think outside the box. This means that we are constantly looking for new tools, techniques, and strategies to try for our clients. Digital Marketing and SEO are not complex, but in order for us to be better than our competition, we need to have more tools in our toolbox than they do.
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" Today I had the opportunity to contact Michael with respect to designing a social media platform for business needless to say that he took time they give the best possible advice at first I did quite know how to go about he pointed in the right direction.I advise everyone to look no further Michael is the best and the brightest in the business of digital marketing "

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" I can't say enough about how awesome Blueprint is. They fixed up my website and got me from the third page to the first in a matter of months "

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" Did really good and affordable work getting our plumbing company website redesigned and optimized "

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