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Supporting Ukraine – Locally


Times are very tough for the people of Ukraine, as they are currently at war with Russia after they invaded. As of this time, over 1.2 million have evacuated because of this war. So how can you help Ukraine locally?

This post will be short and sweet, straight to the point.


Donate Money To A Proper Charity 

Be wary of any unknown charities that might come your way, and instead focus on charities with a proven track record. This post by the CBC covers the topic really well, if you want to donate read this first.


Support A Local Ukrainian Owned Business 

Those with family and friends in Ukraine might be sending money directly to their loved ones to help, or they might be preparing to host a family. By supporting a local business that intends to donate its profits, you will be helping. In addition, you can expose yourself to Ukrainian culture and food.

There is a Facebook group called Ukrainians of Calgary, if you wish to learn about which businesses you can support, or local markets go there.

Get Creative And Book An Airbnb

By booking an Airbnb in Ukraine, the money is often deposited within 24 hours to the owner of the Airbnb within 24 hours of checkout. Furthermore, Airbnb is waiving booking fees. This will help get money to locals faster, though research who you book through first. You can read up more on why people are doing it and what Airbnb is doing to help here.

Help How You Can

Donate, book an Airbnb, attend a local support rally, or even just say a prayer. In dark times we need to rally to each other and try to keep our spirits up.

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