Google Ads: Is Your Website Convincing Enough

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Blueprint Digital Marketing has been running Google ads programs for our clients since 2015. In this time, we have seen Google continuously change their recommendation systems, the design of their UX and a dozen other small changes. Yet, one important thing remains the same: Google Ads is out to make money off of you and that’s why Google never suggests this: making sure your website is well designed and offers convincing content.

Does Your Website Properly Introduce People To Your Business?

For many small businesses, they are the business. For larger businesses, it’s a combination of corporate guidelines, mission statements, and the behavior of their employees. If this is the case, what is your website saying about your business? Does it appropriately describe the identity of your business? Its strengths? Its competitive advantages? 

For over 70% of businesses, this is the case. Most business owners just don’t know how to write about themselves.

The Impact On Google Ad Performance

People do business with other people, not businesses. If your website doesn’t describe the advantages and strengths of your business, then it won’t be convincing to people who read it. This doesn’t mean that Google Ads won’t work for you, it just means your conversion rates will be low – 1 – 5%. If the average cost per click for your business is $10, that means you’ll need upwards of 20 clicks to get one lead – that’s $200 for just one lead!

Effective Content Improves Conversion Rates

Luckily, there is a simple solution: make sure that your website fully describes the identity of your business, and writes about what you do well in a persuasive manner. If you or friends read your website, and they feel that it sounds generic, then so too will the majority of your potential clients.

So, when you start writing content for your business, make sure it at least does the following:

  1. Introduce people to you and your business. Do they understand your morals? Your passions? Why you started your business?

  1. Tell people about your competitive advantages, or what makes you different and better than your competition.

  1. All of the frequently asked questions you can think of – cost, timelines, process, warranty, and other basic details.

You might feel awkward writing about yourself, bragging, or even revealing the processes that your business uses, but remember this is all about building trust with your potential customers. If you can build trust before someone even calls you, it will dramatically increase the chances that they will become a client, something that is especially useful if you are not good at sales yourself. Your website exists to be your 24/7 salesperson, something that is especially useful if you are not good at sales.

What’s The Impact On Performance?

Whenever our lead generation experts spend time fixing a website, we see minimum average conversation rates of between 10 – 15% – that’s anywhere between a 100% – 1500% increase in conversions. 

Don’t Follow Google’s Recommendations

If you combine this with the expertise of a good digital marketing and SEO agency, you can get your conversion rates up to a minimum of 25%. You should always hire a digital marketing agency to manage your Google Ads, this is because as we mentioned at the beginning Google wants to make money off of you. The way they suggest building your campaigns and optimization recommendations often bring the least performance. If you do not want to hire a digital marketing company, make sure you take some form of online Google Ads course.

Even if you will not have the advantage of years of experience, even a basic course will teach you how to avoid making common mistakes.

Take The Time To Make Sure Your Website Content Is Persuasive

Doing so will increase the number of leads your business gets, make it easier to close new clients, and even increase your rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It will save you money on your cost per lead from Google Ads as well, which should make it actually profitable to use it as a marketing source.

If you are not a writer, you can hire a professional copywriter to help you. Typically, you’ll pay an average of $50 – $100 per page of content, depending on length. Increasing your conversion rate from 5% to 25% is worth it, especially when your average cost per click is over $10, you want every click to count.