Don’t Neglect This Element of SEO in 2022

SEO is constantly changing, as the rules we follow are determined by Google’s algorithm. The current core components of ranking well on Google are a great website, diverse and good quality backlinks, local citations, traffic coming from various websites, and social media channels, and finally content.


In 2022 Content Will Be King

A lot of SEO companies offer content as part of their SEO strategy, but the content they write is generic and offers minimal value. That’s because they know that content should be part of a good SEO strategy, but they don’t understand what good content is.


So What Should I Include In My Content

That is probably what you are thinking right now. Luckily, writing really good content actually isn’t that difficult. When you are writing content as part of your business, you just need to ask yourself one question – is the content I’m writing educational, and does it actually answer users’ questions about your business?

This means you need to take extra time in writing content, or if you are working with an SEO agency you need to work very closely with them. Most SEO companies will not have enough experience in your industry to know what questions need to be answered, so make sure you provide them with a list of frequently asked questions; this will give them a great starting point to start writing content.


Longer Is Not Always Better

Great content doesn’t have to belong, it just has to be useful. And that’s why I’m ending this blog post here, as this is all you really need to know about writing content for your business. There are more advanced content marketing techniques, but for those, you’ll need to hire Blueprint Digital Marketing & SEO – Calgary.